Why QAM is a preferred IME provider

Our clients selected QAM because they found that our business focus and methodology best serves their needs. QAM is dedicated to Orthopedic cases involving Workers Comp, Personal Injury and Liability cases. To assure quality coverage, our services are available exclusively within the State of New Jersey.


Thorough medical history reviews can provide an early assessment as a means to prevent fraud and help minimize the potential for costly or unneeded medical treatments. A comprehensive, unbiased report establishes the essential documentation to aid in verifying an examinee's claims of injuries.

Our Medical Director, Wayne Kerness, M.D. is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. He personally manages each of our client relationships through comprehensive needs analysis, evaluation requirements and reporting criteria. Backed by over 25 years of experience, QAM is uniquely positioned to cut through the most complicated medical histories and multiple injury claims to define the core issues from a medical-legal perspective. Our cogent analyses are derived through comprehensive research, intensive due diligence and the experience and insights to produce thoughtful, well-documented reports designed to withstand the scrutiny of our clients and the courts. 

On-Time Scheduling
There is always a degree of urgency that comes with each review. To assure compliance with the time constraints of the Emergent Medical Care Law (effective 10/1/08), we fast-track your appointment requests.


The Examinee's Perspective

QAM recognizes the importance of the role that the examinee plays in the evaluation process. Each exam is preceded by a phone call to confirm that the timing and location of the exam is understood. Prior to conducting the exam, the examinee is given an explanation of what the exam entails. Any questions or concerns are addressed to help alleviate any unnecessary stress or concerns.  Then, a detailed history interview is conducted. Notes are meticulously taken during the history and actual exam.

QAM additional services:
bulletADA Evaluations
bulletExpert Witness Testimony
bulletPeer Review
bulletPermanency Evaluations

To discuss further details about our services and to answer your questions: Call 201-767-9450 or Email: services@QAmedevals.com

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